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It is a very rare occasion that a new business opening becomes the turning point of redefining the type of city we live in. There’s always that certain place with a very specific niche that effortlessly balances trendy/relevant with a plan of sustainability. Enter Frutta Bowls Tuscaloosa, a new eatery in Tuscaloosa debuting last weekend fueled by pretty food and good nutrition. You could definitely categorize Frutta Bowls as one of those places where every item offered is “insta worthy.”

Owned by an all-star team of Tuscaloosa entrepreneurs Josh and Sam Giambalvo, Richard Arrington, and Brent Keith, the Frutta Bowls concept was originally brought to Alabama after the Giambalvos connected with close friends in the New Jersey area responsible for the original locations. Jumping in head first, the team aggressively started work on the location space next to O’Henry’s coffees and performed a marathon of interviews to get the best set of welcoming faces passionate about the products of Frutta Bowls.

As a dietitian and foodie, I knew before I even tasted anything that this could easily be a regular spot for me. Despite a grand opening last Saturday, I was lucky enough to sneak in one day early for Frutta Bowls’ soft opening to allow the staff to get in the swing of things before the grand opening shebang.

Pulling up to the shop, I was immediately bombarded by clusters of folks sitting in the patio area taking pictures of their bowls. Walking into the space, my eyes lit up at the energy and openness of the restaurant. Energized by natural light coming through the windows and colorful menu items, I was ready to order something tasty. Waiting in line, I was relieved to see that in addition to bowls, the shop also offered smoothies. Knowing I was about to head to an intense workout later that afternoon, I opted to go for a smoothie as my preview item.

Secretly balancing my smoothie choice between smart nutrition before my workout and how “pretty” the smoothie would be, I finally opted for the Pink Flamingo containing organic pitaya (also known as dragon fruit), mango, pineapple, and water. I had the opportunity to bedazzle it with some upgrades like chia seeds, protein powder, and other items, but that afternoon I felt like simple was better.

Waiting for my fuchsia concoction, Sam Giambalvo enticed me into trying one of the various kombucha flavors on tap. Going with the jalapeno lime, I was pleasantly surprised at the balance between sweet and savory flavors hitting my mouth. After tasting kombucha samples, I couldn’t help but take pictures of every Frutta Bowl coming off the line. Drizzles of peanut butter and Nutella were the perfect platform for shredded coconut and chia seeds to top off the bowls of fruit, granola, and various smoothie bases.

It wasn’t long before my Pink Flamingo reached my hand and into my mouth. It was a difficult decision deciding between tasting first or taking a picture for social media. When I finally had my first taste, I appreciated how light and refreshing the smoothie was. Knowing I could have added some additional components to make it a more substantial meal replacement after a workout confirmed that I would be returning to this place very soon.

If you haven’t figured out already, Frutta Bowls will need to be on your summer to-do list multiple times this season and beyond. With friendly faces and delicious products, I am 100% confident that Frutta Bowls is here to stay.

Frutta Bowls is located at 2531 University Boulevard and open daily. Tweet us @ThePlanetWeekly and let us know where you are eating!

Sheena Gregg, MS, RDN,LD is a registered dietitian and local Filipino Foodie. Follow her on Twitter @TheThriftyRD

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