Located in Sonoma, California, Leese-Fitch wine has won multiple awards. Included in their winnings are Silver Medals at the California State Fair in 2011 for both their Chardonnay and their Cabernet Sauvignon.
Their wines are produced in Napa and are bottled with a unique peel and reseal ZORK closure instead of a cork. The ZORK is a recyclable closure that doesn’t require a cork screw to open the bottle.
This “two for one” review is of Leese-Fitch Chardonnay 2013 and Leese-Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.
This review has little a story to it!
Several of my reviews have been featured in the Planet Weekly, an alternative bi-weekly publication from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. Its editor contacted me and told me about Leese-Fitch wine and how he and his wife have been enjoying their wines.
He was also in touch with them and mentioned to me that their wines have been gaining in popularity in the Tuscaloosa area.
So, he put Leese-Fitch and myself in touch with each other with the suggestion I might want to check them out.
They liked the idea and sent me a sample of their Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to review.
So with that said, on to the reviews!

Leese-Fitch Chardonnay Review
Appearance: Light golden in color with no apparent legs. Suggesting an especially light-in-body Chardonnay.
Aroma: Light sweet citrus, like a Myers lemon. Also a hint of a sweet nose you’d find in a Moscato. Very little alcohol noted in the aroma.
Alcohol Content: 13.5% per the bottle.
Taste: The light citrus hint in the aroma carries through to the taste with also a bit of sweetness you might not expect in a Chardonnay.
I suspect the sweetness is coming from the 2% Viognier that is in this wine.
I would further guess that it may even have been a late harvest Viognier, but can’t pinpoint that for sure.
It’s definitely not oaky as some Chardonnays can be.
Tannins: Tannins were minimal but definitely sensible via the slight bitterness and also a bit of tingling behind the upper lip.
Finish: Finish is long and pleasant.
Overall, I found this to be a smooth enjoyable Chardonnay with just the slightest bitterness in the finish. I really enjoyed the blending with the Viognier. Even at just 2%, I think it’s what makes this Chardonnay so unique. Recommend!

Leese-Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon Review
This Cabernet Sauvignon is actually a blend of the following:
78% Cabernet Sauvignon
9% Petit Verdot
5% Alicante Bouchet
3% Tannat
3% Merlot
2% Barbera
Appearance: Medium dark garnet with a little bit of plum color. Very leggy, including fast forming and slow forming legs.
Aroma: Lovely dark earthy nose with hints of caramel and over ripe black cherry. Just the tiniest whiff of alcohol noted. From the aroma, you’d expect this to be a sweet red.
Alcohol Content: 13.5% per the bottle.
Taste: Super smooth and warm in flavor. Flavors included dark cherry, classic Cabernet grape and a hint of vanilla. Not sweet in flavor at all (which suits me when it comes to Cabernet Sauvignon).
Tannins & Mouthfeel: Well balanced tannins with no bitterness. Silky mouthfeel. A slightly dry tingling noticed all over the mouth.
Finish: Finish is long and lingering. Again, noted all over the mouth.
Overall, I really loved this wine. The complexity is great and the way the winemaker was able to negate sweetness in the flavor and bitterness in the tannins and finish was exceptional.
Definitely recommend!
A big thank you to my editor at Planet Weekly and also Leese-Fitch for sharing this find with me. Two great wines, with the Cabernet being the best of the two. Grab ‘em if you can find ‘em.
Leese-Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon price about $8.00-$12.00 (a great value).
Leese-Fitch Chardonnay price about $8.00-$9.00 (also a good value).

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