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Summer is a lull for television; Most shows premiere in fall and end in spring, which leaves summer to catch up on seasons and episodes that you missed. However, thanks to the invention of Netflix, summer marathons do not have to end when a season is finished. Netflix hosts hundreds of television shows and movies to keep the entertainment juices flowing until the next season starts.

If comedy is on the list, Netflix has it covered. Comedies with lessons in humility are rare, but “Drop Dead Diva” encompasses all of it. Deb Dobkins in a slim, pretty girl who is as shallow as a puddle. When Deb gets killed, she gets reincarnated as her opposite, a plus sized, savvy lawyer. Deb has to get a handle on her new life, and a newfound craving for donuts. Brooke Elliot leads the cast as Jane Bingum, Deb’s new persona.

For something more thrilling, “Darknet” is a gem buried under bigger name shows. Imagine a website that streams live murders, and hosts uploaded videos of previous ones. Anyone with an account can access videos, or post their own grisly details. Each protagonist faces their own horrors…or are they protagonists at all?

For those who want a little reality in their lives, along with a small history lesson, “Pawn Stars” has them covered. Rick Harrison owns a pawn shop in Las Vegas, co run by his father, Richard, his son Corey, and their friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell. The show revolves around their store and the things that people bring in to sell, each item coming with its own interesting history.

To solve a little crime in the spare time of summer, classics never fail. “CSI: Crime Scene Investigators” shows a team of investigators who solve impossible crimes using science and intuition. The variants on Netflix are New York and Miami, each with the same plot.

Nothing beats good old cute cartoons sometimes. The “Power Puff Girls” are the feminist icons a kid needs to see on television. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are three crime fighting little girls created by Professor Utonium, and they protect the city of Townsville from new villains and old ones, including their nemesis Mojo Jojo, the super genius monkey who is always coming up with new ways to try and destroy Townsville and the girls.

If comics are more in your queue, then Marvel has you covered. “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” shows what Agent Phil Coulson is doing when he is not helping the Avengers. He is training new operatives and agents to fight deadly threats and investegate bizarre happenings in cities across the world. Clark Gregg returns to Marvel as Coulson, and each episode packs new adventures, new allies, and new foes.

Netlfix has enough options for everyone in the family, dabbling in a little bit of everything. These shows and more should be enough to keep your entertainment buds happy until fall.

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