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Latest in Food


    cupcake red velvet wine

    CUPCAKE RED VELVET WINE Cupcake Red Velvet wine was unexpectedly excellent! From Livermore, CA the 2011 Cupcake Red Velvet is a blend of red varietals with a Zinfandel base. Released winter of 2012, it was harvested Sept. – Oct. 2011 and has an alcohol content of 13.5%. According to the winemaker, the wine has “fantastic […]

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    kids health

    IMPROVING OUR CHILDREN’S HEALTH   Nutrition, education, and food policy affect all of our children. There are so many foods and ingredients that are being put on our grocery store shelves and served at school cafeterias that are banned in other countries. Why are we feeding our children who are growing and developing foods that […]

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  • Summer Breeze//Connecticut Whites

    wine review summer breeze

    SUMMER BREEZE // CONNECTICUT WHITES As someone who had the opportunity to help pick grapes for Sharpe Hill Vineyard, I can tell you a lot of care goes into how they make their wine. The Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels wine is reflective of that care. Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels is a […]

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Latest in Entertainment


    JOHN HENRY (2020)

    MOVIE REVIEW OF ”JOHN HENRY” Life isn’t fair for anybody in first-time writer & director Will Forbes’ “John Henry,” (*** OUT OF ****) a simple but savage thug-life thriller with brawny Terry Crews tangling with Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges.  Clocking in at 91-minutes, this predictable but entertaining, R-rated melodrama concerns an interesting relationship between the heroic […]



    MOVIE REVIEW OF ”BLOODSHOT” Vin Diesel does a good job of playing himself.  Basically, he plays himself in everything, except in his voice-over performances for the Disney/Marvel “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies. He typifies the celebrity actor, as opposed to the actor’s actor, like either Matthew McConaughey or Leonard DiCaprio.  Diesel realizes his range is […]


    the call of the wild

    MOVIE REVIEW OF “THE CALL OF THE WILD” During the Klondike Gold Rush of 1890s, a rugged sled dog was an avidly sought-after commodity worth its weight in gold.  The initial shortage of canines during the gold rush generated such a demand for man’s best friend that prices skyrocketed.  Records in A Historic Resource Study […]


    “The Mercenary”

    MOVIE REVIEW OF ”THE MERCENARY” If you have an insatiable appetite for action-oriented franchises like “Jason Bourne,” “Rambo,” and “John Wick,” “Avengement” director Jesse V. Johnson’s latest straight-to-video thriller “The Mercenary” (***  OUT OF ****) will keep you captivated throughout its lean and mean 91-minutes of testosterone-laden blood, sweat, and bullets. This slam-bang, hard-boiled, knuckle-fisted […]

Latest in Music


    ben gibbard

    SONGS FOR THE PANDEMIC Fifty years ago, Neil Young and his bandmates recorded “Ohio,” a haunting response to the Kent State shootings where Ohio National Guardsmen fired 67 rounds of ammunition into a crowd of anti-war demonstrators, taking four lives in the process. A haunting anthem that captured the despair of the moment, “Ohio” was […]

  • Interview With The Music of Cream

    The music of cream

    Interview With The Music of Cream Legacies are tricky. You can’t see or touch them, yet they can be an unbearable weight to carry around. One has to imagine that’s the case for Kofi Baker, son of late Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Ginger Baker. Like his father, the younger Baker is a drummer. […]

  • Five Rock Bands With Awesome Violinists


    Five Rock Bands With Awesome Violinists The violin is a very versatile instrument. Centuries ago, the violin was mostly seen in courts and orchestras. However, as time passed, the violin evolved and was incorporated in emerging music genres. As modern artists dabbled into classical instruments and extended its usage in the field of rock, the […]

  • Lauren Daigle Talks About Her Life And Music

    lauren daigle

    Lauren Daigle Talks About Her Life And Music For an illustration of what’s happened with Lauren Daigle’s career over the past year or so, a conversation she had with family members shortly before starting her first arena headlining tour on Feb. 20 paints a picture. “Last night I was sitting next to my mom on […]