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Latest in Food

  • Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

    joint pain

    Natural Remedies for Joint Pain It is estimated that 52.5 million American adults (22.7%) annually are told by their doctor that they have some form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia. By 2040, an estimated 78 million Americans ages 18 years or older are projected to have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Arthritis and other rheumatic […]

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  • Best Fudge Recipes

    best fudge recipes

    Best Fudge Recipes I love baking for the holidays. There are always so many new recipes to try. One of my favorite holiday treats is homemade fudge (without nuts, of course). If your family loves fudge as much as mine does, make them the kind you know they like, and then have them try one […]

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    foods to eat when you have cancer

    FOODS TO EAT WHILE UNDERGOING CANCER TREATMENT Cancer has personally hit home this past month when one of my dearest friends mom was diagnosed with a very serious form of colon cancer. I was in contact with her right away discussing what she should be eating during her treatment because she had been told and […]

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Latest in Entertainment



    MOVIE REVIEW OF ”NOBODY” “Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk plays an unlikely but invincible troubleshooter in director Ilya Naishuller’s “Nobody” (**** OUT OF ****), a white-knuckled, slam-bang, high octane epic about tough guys gone berserk. Mind you, Odenkirk resembles a woebegone sad sack with a five o’clock shadow, but he has skillfully concealed the […]



    MOVIE REVIEW OF ”GREENLAND” A nine-mile-wide comet threatens to destroy the Earth in director Ric Roman Waugh’s “Greenland” (*** OUT OF ****), an explosive mainstream disaster epic, with Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, and Scott Glenn. Mind you, Hollywood has served up similar fare with “Meteor” (1979) starring Sean Connery and then with “Armageddon” (1998) and […]


    horizon line

    MOVIE REVIEW OF ”HORIZON LINE” Daredevil movies teeming with stunts galore often warn spectators never to imitate their derring-do. For example, “The Fast and Furious” franchise slaps this cautionary credo on its films. This isn’t the case with Swedish director Mikael Marcimain’s aerial disaster epic “Horizon Line” (*** OUT OF ****), starring Allison Williams, Alexander […]



    MOVIE REVEIW OF “SYNCHRONIC” An intriguing but low-budget sci-fi time-travel tale that accents character over computer-generated imagery, “Synchronic” (*** OUT OF ****) seizes your attention from the get-go with a startling scene about the titular hallucinogen. According to one hard-boiled cop, “Synchronic” concerns a synthetic, Spice-like designer drug that makes “junky monkeys go nuts.” In […]

Latest in Music

  • Going Deep With The Coda Collection of Concert Films

    the coda collection

    Going Deep With The Coda Collection of Concert Films Search “music documentary” on Amazon Prime and you’ll get back nearly 10,000 results. To put that number in perspective, it’s five times what turns up when you search “hamster accessories,” ten times more than “tiny robots.” It would take 1.7 years to watch all of them, […]

  • Where’s The Rock in Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

    Dee Snider

    Where’s The Rock in Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame? Dionne Warwick rarely rocks. Nor, for that matter, do Carole King, Mary J. Blige, Kate Bush, Jay Z, Fela Kuti, LL Cool J, or most of the other 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees. All of which is making Twisted Sister frontman Dee […]

  • Brian Eno Talks About Life and His Music

    brian eno

    Brian Eno Talks About Life and His Music It’s easy to picture Brian Eno as a man of few words. This is, after all, the enigmatic artist who famously brought instrumental music back in style with ambient albums like “Music for Airports”; the introspective dadaist who created a pack of Oblique Strategies cards with elliptical prompts […]


    citizen cope

    CITIZEN COPE TALKS ABOUT HIS NEW RELEASE Substance. That is what you’ll find at the heart of the music Citizen Cope creates. It’s what has endeared the man born Clarence Greenwood to a legion of fans and found a number of high profile artists, including Carlos Santana, Sheryl Crow and the late Richie Havens, recording […]