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Latest in Food

  • Best Fudge Recipes

    best fudge recipes

    Best Fudge Recipes I love baking for the holidays. There are always so many new recipes to try. One of my favorite holiday treats is homemade fudge (without nuts, of course). If your family loves fudge as much as mine does, make them the kind you know they like, and then have them try one […]

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    foods to eat when you have cancer

    FOODS TO EAT WHILE UNDERGOING CANCER TREATMENT Cancer has personally hit home this past month when one of my dearest friends mom was diagnosed with a very serious form of colon cancer. I was in contact with her right away discussing what she should be eating during her treatment because she had been told and […]

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    cupcake red velvet wine

    CUPCAKE RED VELVET WINE Cupcake Red Velvet wine was unexpectedly excellent! From Livermore, CA the 2011 Cupcake Red Velvet is a blend of red varietals with a Zinfandel base. Released winter of 2012, it was harvested Sept. – Oct. 2011 and has an alcohol content of 13.5%. According to the winemaker, the wine has “fantastic […]

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Latest in Entertainment



    MOVIE REVIEW OF ”CHICK FIGHT” (2020) In “Come Back To Me” director Paul Leyden’s “Chick Fight” (*** OUT OF ****), dames put up their dukes and puke up their blood at a female only underground boxing arena like their male counterparts in the Brad Pitt film “Fight Club” (1999). Comparably, this estrogen-driven, LGBTQ-friendly romantic comedy […]


    movie review of the run

    MOVIE REVIEW OF THE “RUN” I’m not sure we as a nation, let alone the entire planet, truly appreciate the utter magnificence of Sarah Paulson. We don’t deserve her, but that’s okay because we’ve never deserved her. She takes every single project she’s a part of and makes it better just by grounding it in […]

  • Ways to Create an Entertaining Environment


    Ways to Create an Entertaining Environment Having fun is one of the most important things in life. When it comes to enjoying every single aspect of our lives it is crucial to incorporate entertaining elements as they help us unwind and boost our motivation. There are so many proven benefits that we get from this […]


    the doorman

    MOVIE REVIEW OF ”THE DOORMAN” The message in “Versus” director Ryûhei Kitamura’s contemporary crime thriller “The Doorman” (*** OUT OF ****) is never judge a heroine by her looks or allure. The homicidal henchmen in this derivative rehash of the vintage Bruce Willis actioneer “Die Hard” (1988) learn this lethal lesson about stereotyping the hard […]

Latest in Music

  • Holiday Album Guide 2020

    carrie undrewood my gift

    Holiday Album Guide 2020 Perhaps it’s because music acts were forced off of the touring circuit, leaving unplanned time to work on albums or other projects, but 2020 has been a bountiful year for holiday music. This column covers many of the full-length holiday albums, although I left out the EPs and singles for fear […]


    top music gift boxes

    TOP MUSIC GIFT BOXES For all the things that went horribly wrong in 2020, it was a good year for deluxe box sets and album reissues – all good options for Christmas gifts. Of the dozens of such sets that arrived this year, here are some recommendations. Anthology Sets: * Elton John: “Elton: Jewel Box” […]


    Bruce Springsteen

     FALL MUSIC REVIEWS Pop-punk tabloid rapper Machine Gun Kelly claims his recent hit single “Concert for Aliens” is a metaphor for social unrest and the end of the world, which is undeniably true. After all, who can question the gritty authenticity of lyrics about crash-landing in a UFO and being stuck on a roller coaster? […]

  • NOW HEAR THIS! Best Album Reviews!

    Nick Frater

    NOW HEAR THIS! Best Album Reviews! This week’s column leads off with reviews of albums by two of the finest acts on Americana/roots rock scene. That genre is also represented by one of its most promising newer artists, Max Clarke of Cut Worms. Elsewhere things go pop with excellent releases from Nick Frater and Ryan […]