Every marriage has its speed bumps. Carole Wilkins just wants you to slow down and think about how to get over them, so you can enjoy smooth sailing toward a happy, healthy, and long-term union.
Wilkins’ newest book “The Marriage Doctor” leaves no stone unturned as it examines the failures and successes of a resilient soul. An accomplished writer and counselor, Wilkins guides readers to a more successful marriage in this “endeavor of the heart,” navigating common problems and hammering out solutions. The author will sign books at the Tuscaloosa Barnes & Noble in the Mid-town shopping center Feb. 7 – 8. On both afternoons, you can meet the author and get a signature on your new guide to marriage from 1 to 5 p.m.
Wilkins said the biggest inspiration for the book was her counseling work, and the couples she encountered on the job.
“Seeing how so many marriages can be better, and seeing so many couples change into better mates,” Wilkins said about her inspiration. “Also, I was inspired by the changes I made in my own marriage that made it a marriage to die for!”
As every marriage expert will tell you, a relationship takes work. Wilkins says affirmation is key to keeping the momentum alive and moving forward in your love.
“Affirmation is praise about the accomplishments of your mate,” Wilkins said. “When was the last time you said words of praise? Remember that praise is like sex, it doesn’t last.”
Flipping through the pages of “The Marriage Doctor,” readers will find sections that stick out as areas they could work on in their relationships, and Wilkins offers day-by-day prescriptions for patching things up.
Chapters may be as short as two pages, but are packed with advice and trinkets of wisdom. Learn Wilkin’s ground rules for a fair fight, or how to “Just Get Over It” when something isn’t worth fighting about after all. She even maps out how anger escalates in a disagreement, so you can catch yourself getting out of control before feelings get hurt.
Fighting is not the only issue that can eat away at a loving marriage. Wilkins asks mates to examine their expectations and whether they are reasonable. She also makes the reader decide if their mate’s expectations are too unrealistic to meet. Secrets, jealousy and intimacy are all dimensions to consider when making a diagnosis for dissatisfaction.
Real-world anecdotes from her own marriage make Wilkins’ prescription pad feel like personalized letters written to help you through difficult times. Each specific problem has its own solution that you can apply as soon as you are ready to commit yourself to improvement.
This book, “The Marriage Doctor”, may be the much-needed medicine for any and all ills your marriage or partnership is currently suffering from or is threatening your marital bliss. Carole Wilkins is just the right doctor for the job to cure those common ills that beset relationships. Take “The Marriage Doctor’s” advice.
After mulling over Wilkins’ advice, couples can answer 100 true or false self-evaluation questions at the end of the book, and compare with their partner. First you answer questions like “Am I willing to say ‘I was wrong?’” and “Do we have an emergency fund for unexpected expenses?” Then you fill out the same questionnaire for how you feel your partner should answer. Finally, you can see where the disagreements may lie and use the wisdom found in the book to work it out.
Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “The Marriage Doctor” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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