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Latest in Food

  • Meiomi // Rosé

    This review originally appeared on Honest Wine Reviews. Meiomi // Rosé Meiomi Rose comes from Acampo, California, USA and the 2016 vintage is the first time Meiomi has ever released a Rose. Meiomi Rose Review From the bottle: Inspired by coastal maritime influences, Meiomi Rose bursts with vibrant, floral aromas and mouthwatering fruit flavors of […]

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  • Destihl Brewery //Wild Sour Series Blueberry Gose

    Destihl Brewery //Wild Sour Series Blueberry Gose The weather outside definitely determines my choice in beer. If it’s cold, I’m going dark. If it’s hot, I’m going for something light. Luckily, my choices don’t have to be confined to just light and dark. Recently I was in my local bottle shop and was browsing for […]

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    CENTRAL MESA NAMED 2018 CHAMBER “TASTE OF THE TOWN” CHAMPION Downtown Tuscaloosa’s Central Mesa has been voted the 2018 Taste of the Town Champion, the Chamber of Commerce of Tuscaloosa announced Tuesday. Owned and operated by restaurateur Craig Williams, Central Mesa’s menu focuses on offering fresh cuisine and signature cocktails. During the Taste of the […]

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Latest in Entertainment

  • Den of Thieves // Think fast, shoot faster. Don’t miss


    Den of Thieves // Think fast, shoot faster. Don’t miss An audacious, white-knuckled, adrenaline-laced, cops and robbers’ crime thriller with a twist ending, writer & director Christian Gudegast’s “Den of Thieves” pits a loose cannon L.A. County Sheriff’s Department detective against a crackerjack team of gunmen shaped in the crucible of combat while serving as […]



    DRAGON BALL SUPER Someone might want to summon Shenron for this one. Dragon Ball Super, the recent installment of the popular anime franchise, is taking an infinite hiatus. Per Japanese news site Sanspo, Fuji TV announced plans to replace the program with GeGeGe no Kitaro in March. However, the abrupt announcement doesn’t warrant cancelation. Fuji […]

  • The Perfect Scout


    The Perfect Scout A Soldier’s Memoir of the Great March to the Sea and the Campaign of the Carolinas By George W. Quimby, edited by Anne Sarah Rubin and Stephen Murphy About the book A rare and dramatic first-person account by a Union scout who served General William Tecumseh Sherman on his “march to the […]

  • Ain’t Nothin’ But a Winner

    Layout 1

    Ain’t Nothin’ But a Winner Bear Bryant, The Goal Line Stand, and a Chance of a Lifetime Barry Krauss and Joe M. Moore With a Foreword by Don Shula No university has won more football championships than Alabama, and Barry Krauss played a key role in one of them. The linebacker’s fourth down stop of […]

Latest in Music

  • They Might Be Giants

    They Might Be Giants - Shervin Lainez

    They Might Be Giants John Linnell of They Might Be Giants says one of the group’s key goals has always been to not repeat themselves and bring something new to virtually every song he and his partner in the band, John Flansburgh, write and record. But he admits that 35-plus years into the group’s career, […]



    STAFF PICK// TOP CONCERTS OF 2017 The popular Broadway musical Rent posed a great question: how do you measure a year? As an entertainment writer and photojournalist, I’m a bit biased to music. I spend a majority of the year in a music hall or Amphitheatre, so that’s where most of my memories lay. As […]

  • Jason Isbell//Life is Good

    isbell 400 unit - danny clinch

    Jason Isbell//Life is Good Life is clearly good for Jason Isbell. Since embracing sobriety five years ago, his career has seen an upward trajectory with a string of critically and commercially acclaimed albums that have won him Grammys and Americana Music Honors & Awards. Isbell’s personal life has blossomed as well. He and Amanda Shires […]

  • Top 10 Albums of 2017

    j.d. mcpherson undivided album cover

    Top 10 Albums of 2017 Many years produce an album or two that scream year’s best album from the first listen. This was not that kind of year. In fact, picking a top album was tough since there wasn’t a lot to separate any of the albums I ranked in the top five and each […]