Video game fans of all ages will know the names Link and Zelda. The massively popular video game franchise “Legend of Zelda” has been going strong for decades, with the first game released in 1987 by Nintendo. It has spawned spin off games, costumes, even an attempt at a live action series in 1989. This go around, Netflix is going to try a live action “Zelda” series as well.
First reported by The Wall Street Journal, they say that Netflix is doing a rare partnership with Nintendo to create the series, and say that Netflix describes the pre-production series as “a family friendly Game of Thrones”. The story follows a boy named Link as he meets creative characters and goes on amazing adventures, all on the way to rescue Princess Zelda.
Nintendo has come out with around twenty video games for the franchise, so unlike most television shows and movies featured from video games, Netflix will have a lot of material to work with on this show. Each game has different side plots and characters, so the plot possibilities are endless. This branch-out into a different area of the fantasy genre might also help Netflix gain some new subscribers from video game fans who are always looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite games.
Netflix would be the perfect platform. The online streaming site has thousands of subscribers, and not only do they host already produced series and take up continuations once television stations have cancelled them, but they’ve been popular for hosting their own series such as “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black”. This makes them widely known, and the production value of these shows is nearly better than actual television, so quality sticklers would have no worries about a low-quality Link.
Although they have a lot going for them, Netflix’s corporate team does have their work cut out for them. The Journal reports that Nintendo has kept a close eye on its franchises after a “Super Mario Bros” movie crashed at the box office in 1993, and the first attempt at a live action “Zelda” series ran for only one season. They still have a long way to go before they can begin production, and the series may even get killed before it starts. Only time can tell whether or not Link will come to life on Netflix, or if Nintendo will discontinue talks about the series.
Currently there have been no talks of halting pre-production, and Netflix is looking for writers for the series. Due to the rocky nature of the show, there have been no other comments released by either Netflix or Nintendo.

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