Beyoncé may just be rubbing off on the self-proclaimed Queen of Bounce. Last year, the multi-Grammy award-winner broke the internet when she announced the Nashville stop of her Formation World Tour would be shifting from the summer to the fall. It only seems coincidental that the Louisiana native would pull the same stunt when their show at Saturn Bar magically got rescheduled.

The eclectic performer is no stranger to the music world. The titular star of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, Freedia has worked with a handful of elite entertainers, most notably the supermodel of the world, RuPaul, and, of course, Beyoncé.

But just like Bey, the 39-year-old reemerged with full force and did not take any victims. Come the end of the show, everyone would be drenched in sweat. If you didn’t come to dance, it was probably best that you stayed at home.

Local favorites DJ Supreme and Shaheed warmed up the crowd with their unique infusions of modern and old school hip hop. Supreme ran the 1s and 2s, occasionally hyping the audience, while the latter dispensed the lyrics.

At 9:45 sharp, a musical interlude began and was followed by the headliner’s distinct Louisianan draw. Emerging on stage to thunderous applause, Freedia hit the ground running (or bouncing.)

Perfectly titled “Release Your Wiggle”, the 90-minute show was all about shaking your tailfeather and letting the good times roll. Unlike most concerts, a Freedia show isn’t all about knowing the words, but knowing the moves. The lyrics are intentionally uncomplicated and repetitive. The beats are loud and pulsating. It is the kind of music that demands to be acknowledged with rigorous romp-shaking. This is bounce.

Freedia’s set up was minimal at best, relying more on warm bodies than technology. The stage was naked, save for the D.J tucked in the back.  The New Orleans native was backed by four white-clad dancers that assisted in evenly dispersing energy to the crowd. Each brought a certain signature flow to the table, but some stood out more than others. There was the pop-locker, one who could contort his limbs at break-neck speed while staying on perfect beat with the music. This was combatted by another who proudly showcased his ability to gyrate his hips in a fashion that would make any woman jealous.

Paying respect to his fans, Freedia cruised through his decade-long catalog of hits like “Duffy”, “Gin in My System” and the recent Beyoncé collaboration “Formation.”

Midway through the show, the Queen Diva shook things up and requested that the crowd’s wildest dancers should join him on stage. Handpicked by his personal performers, the 20 or so attendees rushed the elevated platform, succumbing to Freedia’s simple but repetitive instructions: wiggle. Taking heed, the select audience members shook what their mothers gave them. Periodically, he would navigate around the stage, picking a fan and encouraging them to move and shake a little harder.

Ultimately the seemingly never-ending bounce party came to a close.  Like the audience, the Queen and his crew were soaked in perspiration. Also, the clock was quickly approaching midnight. But I’m sure Birmingham hasn’t seen the last of Big Freedia. And, if not, Nola isn’t that far a drive from here.

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