Grateful Dead Wine Steal Your Face//Red wine

This wine had the mouthfeel of Gerry Garcia’s hair.  Yuck!  Part of the Wines That Rock series, this wine was the Grateful Dead Wine red blend.  Per the bottle, the alcohol content was 14.5% and the fruit came from Mendocino County, California.  The Wines That Rock series has five different wines in the series, with the Grateful Dead wine being one of them.

Having recently reviewed the Wines That Rock Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Red, I was surprised at the significant difference in enjoy-ability of the Grateful Dead wine.  According to the wine’s website, the Grateful Dead wine was made “…from premium Mendocino County fruit, blending a one-of-a-kind wine with Rock ‘n Roll mythology.”

Grateful Dead Wine Review

I tasted the 2010 vintage of this wine.

Let’s start with the positives.  The cork was in great shape and the wine exhibited a dark and deep plum color.  The legs were many and thick in the glass.  The nose was aromatic with cherry and black raspberry notes.

OK, on to the taste, mouthfeel and finish.  The taste of this wine was bitter and of pepper and green melon skin.  The pepper wasn’t so bad.  In fact, the bottle advertised “peppered bacon” as a flavor to watch for.  But, definitely no bacon.  I would know, I love bacon.

The mouthfeel was like yarn.  Not pleasant.  The finish was short, but even that was too long.  Bitter tannins that reminded me of stems.

Overall, I was very surprised at how much I did not enjoy this Grateful Dead wine.  It’s possible I got a bad bottle, but I’m not going to give this one another try.

If you try this series, skip the Grateful Dead wine and go for the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon wine.  It’s much much better.

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