Lady Gaga’s Premiere Episode of Gaga Radio

I’m the worst thing and the best thing that’s ever happened to all of you,” declares Lady Gaga in the premiere episode of” Gaga Radio,” a weekly interview show that Apple Music describes as a “celebration of dance music when we need it most.”

The series debuted on Aug. 7 with a lengthy discussion between Gaga and BloodPop®, a copyright-protected artist who clearly understands that one’s name, as any Artrepreneur subscriber will confirm, is a corporate asset with real tangible value. (See Lady Antebellum/Lady A.)

BloodPop® also happens to be the producer of Lady Gaga’s latest album, which turns out to be the show’s sole topic of conversation

“‘Chromatica,’ for me, was the portal that you and I opened in the studio,” said Gaga. “We would open the portal and I’d go, ‘Okay, talent, creativity, voice from above, sign from above, come inside me, tell me what to say, tell me what to do.’ And most all of it was what I was truly feeling.”

To give listeners a chance to take all that in, these interview segments are interspersed with a heavy-on-the-house dance mix that includes Sylvia Striplin’s “Give Me Your Love,” Todd Terry’s “Samba” and EC Twins’ “Disco’s Not Dead,” as well as remixes of crossover hits like Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” and Gaga’s own “Stupid Love.”

While the show clocks in at just under an hour, it offers little to no insight into the creation of the music itself. That’s kind of a shame, really, given the fact that “Chromatica” was three years in the making, involved boy-band Svengali Max Martin and a dozen other producers, and features guest appearances by K-Pop sensations Blackpink, post-teen idol Ariana Grande, and Gaga’s longtime mentor, Elton John.

 Instead, the conversation fixates on Lady Gaga’s emotional state at the time, as she would spend hours alone chain smoking on the balcony and wake up in the morning wishing she was someone else. But once she started coming into the studio in “full Gaga wardrobe,” BloodPop® and the rest of the gang knew everything was going to be all right!

For those of us who may be more interested in dance music than Lady Gaga, one consolation prize is that each show will be accompanied by an hour-long deejay mix that, based on this first episode, is worth checking out. And since Gaga’s self-replenishing supply of “Little Monsters” is still going strong, Apple Music can also count on a legion of fans to tune in to both shows each Friday night.

Meanwhile, if you’re still not quite sure which camp you fall into, here’s an exchange that may help you decide:

Lady Gaga: What’s your favorite memory on making “Chromatica” with me? Even though I feel like we’re still making it.
BloodPop®: I think maybe the first time we played you [the song] “Rain on Me” with the new bass line. Because you had come to the point where you’re like, “The name of the album is “Chromatica.” I’m finishing it. I’m doing this, I’m doing that,” and you were just fully geared up ready to go to [the title song] “Chromatica.” Then we did this major change. We weren’t sure if you were going to … Because it was quite a big change and …”
Lady Gaga: It was a huge change.
BloodPop®: I just remember you playing it super loud and you’re like, “That bass line. The bass line.” That was a good day, and you and Ari cutting “Rain on Me” and you’re like, “What if you tried this take with some dancing?” She was like, “Huh?”
Lady Gaga: She was like, “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Gaga, Gaga, Gaga. Oh my God, Gaga.”
BloodPop®: That was amazing too.

Maybe you just had to be there.

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