Restaurant Review//Anthony’s Italian Kitchen // A Family Business

When I think of Italian food, I think of hearty rich flavors and family. Pizzas, pastas, and various salads may also come to mind. In the old FIG location in Northport, a new restaurant has arrived, Anthony’s Italian Kitchen. Though Anthony’s may seem like any other eatery in Tuscaloosa, the story behind the restaurant is inspiring. Owner’s Tina and Vince Privette have created their restaurant to provide a majority of the restaurant’s profits for their son Anthony’s missionary work in Uganda.

Boasting made from scratch ingredients and sauces, I decided to give Anthony’s a try for lunch. I was quickly greeted by the staff and went to a table of my choice. Looking around the restaurant and comparing it to the previous business that had been there, I observed the minimalistic approach that the restaurant has taken to the décor. Standing out the most in the open space throughout the restaurant was a large chalkboard just adjacent to the cash register. The phrase, “ Who is Anthony?” flooded the board with a description of Anthony’s work in Uganda and a picture of him in action.

Reviewing the menu, I was excited to see the variety of menu options including various salads, classic Italian dishes like eggplant parmesan, sandwiches, and specialty pizzas. Having an especially hearty appetite that day, I opted for a pizza fries appetizer and small pesto pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and roasted chicken. As time progressed, I noticed a significant number of folks float into the restaurant as expected during the grand opening week.


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