If you live in Alabama, it’s no surprise that our state ranks as one of the worst states for allergy sufferers. Whether your poison is ragweed or just plain old pollen, your itchy, drippy nose and watery eyes are all proof you need that spring is here. If so, you are not alone–more than 35 million people in the United States suffer from seasonal allergies. Here is a natural allergy combat plan.

As a result, the market for allergy medications is booming. Summer is not the only long season in this state, as Alabama has a prolonged allergy season as well. It is longer than most other states due to a shorter period of winter and longer growing season. While other parts of the country has a four to six week allergy season, here in Bama Land it is more like four to six months.

Allergies are a disorder of the immune system. The immune system overreacts to a typically non-harmful substance such as pollen, cat dander, peanuts, dairy products, and dust that initiates a response to rid out the allergen. Our immune system is doing what is best for us, but the side effects include swelling, itching, runny nose and eyes, pressure headaches, and sneezing. For those who are suffering, these symptoms get old- fast!

Our body’s’ immune system is very effective in ridding the body of what it perceives as harmful. Over the past week especially, lots of people are coming in my office with these complaints. I decided this would be the perfect time to address some natural ways to help manage allergies more effectively and hopefully cut down or eliminate the bothersome symptoms that come with the season.

Drink a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar three times a day. This is an old age remedy that is suggested to benefit in more ways than just allergies. It is thought to reduce mucous production and lower inflammation. The key is using organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and it can be easier to swallow by mixing the tablespoon in with a glass of water.

Take a Probiotic. Allergies are a result of an imbalance of the immune system that causes the body to react strongly to certain stimuli in the environment. There has been a lot of recent research that shows that having healthy beneficial bacteria in the gut can cut down on the presentation of allergies. Probiotics can be bought in the capsule form at most health food stores and a good source of it in your food is through yogurt that contains live active cultures.

Salt Water Nasal Rinse. You can buy a Neti Pot, which is a kit that has been around for centuries and has recently gained much popularity. The kit comes with the saline solution and an elongated spout kettle. You can also make this yourself buy mixing 16 ounces of distilled, sterile, or previously boiled water with one tablespoon of salt. You can use a bulb syringe to flush out your nasal cavities.

Nasal irrigation works by thinning out mucus build up in the sinus cavities and can help flush out bacteria that is in the nasal passage. You should feel immediate relief after using this. Eat a Healthy Diet. A study was published that proved children who ate a diet rich food in fresh fruits and vegetables such as grapes, apples, tomatoes, and oranges had fewer allergy symptoms than those who didn’t. Researchers are still trying to figure out the connection between diet and allergies, but nonetheless eating healthy will definitely work in favor of your body’s immune system.

Drink Plenty of Water. If you are feeling congested or have a postnasal drip from the allergies you are experiencing, try drinking more water. Water helps thin the mucus in your sinus cavities and nasal passages, which can provide relief for the congestion. An easy way to make sure you are drinking enough water is dividing your body weight in half, and that is how many ounces of water you should be consuming daily.

Try chiropractic care. Chiropractic is not a treatment for allergies but it has helped allergy sufferers. I have had many patients who are being treated with back, neck, and shoulder pain only to find the added bonus that their chiropractic treatments have also helped to reduce the severity of their seasonal allergies.

Patients are reporting that they are able to greatly reduce the amount of allergy medication they required to manage their symptoms. I hope those who are suffering find some of these suggestions helpful to combat allergy season the natural way! Hang in there, summer is around the corner and things should calm down soon. Here are some other helpful articles just follow the link: is an authorized affiliate of We appreciate your continued support and hope you will order today. Thanks so much.

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