Murder mysteries are common in adult television; the “whodunit” aspect captivates viewers rapidly. In a teen show, however? Not that popular, save shows like Pretty Little Liars where the friends find the killers. In the case of “Twisted”, however, the killer is helping to catch another killer. Intrigued?
Danny Desai was sent to juvie when he was a child after killing his aunt with a jump rope. Now, years after the killing, Danny has been released back into his home town, along with his mother Karen. After making a shaky reconnection with his two childhood best friends, Lacey and Jo, someone else winds up dead-and Danny is the prime suspect. Jo, Danny and Lacey try to prove Danny’s innocence, but can they with the whole town against Danny?
The cast of “Twisted” is headed by Avan Jogia, who has credits from television including the teen show Victorious, iCarly, and several made for TV movies. Maddie Hasson plays the tomboy Jo Masterson, and has a few credits herself, including Grimm and The Finder. Lacey is played by Kylie Bunbury, who was featured in the movies The Sitter and Prom. “Twisted” isn’t just up and coming actors, either. It features model/actress Denise Richards as Karen Desai. Richards has been in several movies, including Wild Things, Valentine, and Starship Troopers, and tv shows such as 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, Blue Mountain State, and Melrose Place. Other actors include Ashton Moio, Kimberly Quinn, Sam Robards, and Aaron Hill.
While the show itself hasn’t been nominated, the actors have. Avan Jogia was nominated two times for a Teen Choice Award, and Maddie Hasson has been nominated for one. The New York Daily News says that, just like Pretty Little Liars, “The characters know no more than the audience-and it should be fun finding out.” TV Fanatic says it’s time for “Twisted” to come back on, because the season finale left viewers with tons of questions.
What separates “Twisted” from a run of the mill crime drama is Danny’s involvement. The viewer is instantly attracted to him due to his stereotypical air of mystery, and his down to earth nature keeps him a loveable character. Lacey is a little harder to like, since she spends most of the show very dramatic and hateful of Danny. Jo comes across as clingy sometimes, but her good nature and fierce defense of Danny has her keeping a soft spot in the heart of the viewer. The parents, however, are not as mature; they constantly dredge up drama and fight with each other over various things including Danny and the relationship he has with Jo and Lacey.
There hasn’t been an announcement for season two yet, and season one ended in April. So far it looks like “Twisted” has been cancelled, as tweeted by Avan Jogia and reported by TV Line. We aren’t sure whether the cancellation will stay, or if by some miracle ABC Family will renew. My opinion? I can’t get enough of Danny, and want to see him resolve all of this troubles and live happily ever after. Catch all the episodes on abcfamily.go.com/shows/”Twisted”, and on Netflix.

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