New shows are always being invented and created for networks. Audiences need to be kept entertained, and that gets increasingly hard with each plot idea, or character that gets created. There are only so many plots that one can do. Netflix, however, has the right idea. Along with creating new content, they’ve also started bringing back more classics, from kids television shows, to more adult-oriented content. This helps audiences who have never seen such shows, and ones that have and missed them.
One of the biggest name shows that Netflix has brought back is the classic learning show, “Bill Nye, The Science Guy”. Show host Bill Nye gets students excited for various scientific topics, using funny, relatable examples and sometimes even music to explore and explain the topics better than most science classes. Most older young adults will remember these tapes from middle school science classes. Bill Nye, or William Sanford Nye, was born in DC in 1955. Unlike most television show hosts, Nye is actually a scientists. He studied mechanical engineering at Cornell University, graduating in 1977. The show was widely popular in the 90’s, and even now, intellectuals and nerds alike can watch old episodes on Netflix.
Adding more to the list of 90’s show, “That ‘70’s Show” makes its comeback on the popular streaming site. This cult classic is quoted by almost everyone, with memorable characters and witty comedy. 70’s teen Eric Forman goes through life in that time period with his friends and his girlfriend, and they always end up in his basement, smoking grass and talking about life. The show stars Topher Grace, and “Orange is the New Black” star Laura Prepon. “That ‘70’s Show” ran from 1998 to 2005 for a total of eight seasons. It also stars Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama, and Danny Masterson.
One of the most underrated children’s shows that was part of many childhoods is “Dinosaurs”, a show that started in 1991 and ended in 1994. The show follows a family of suburban dinosaurs and their daily adventures. Interestingly enough, this show isn’t animation. It uses animatronics and puppetry, which was big in the 90’s. Though not very talked about, it is very quoted, the biggest phrase being, “Not the mama!”, as spoken by the baby dinosaur. While this is for children, parents be warned that there may be some slight adult humor. The show stars the voice talents of Stuart Pankin, Jessica Walter, and Sally Struthers.
Jumping back to truly vintage times, Netflix has also added another cult classic, “The Twilight Zone”. Hosted by the show’s creator, Rod Serling, he tells tales of supernatural and science fiction, most of which make social commentary of the time. The best example of that is “Eye of the Beholder” from the second season, where a young woman sees the world through bandages as she waits for the doctor to unwrap her face after having a state mandated surgery to make her face look normal. The question of that story is: what does normal look like? Another that comes with a warning is “A Nice Place to Visit”, where a man dies in a shootout and lands in a place where he gets everything he ever wanted, but he finds out that it’s more like a curse than a gift. It ran from 1959 to 1963, running a total of five seasons, four of which are on Netflix. All these are more are available to stream on Netflix.

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