Your Mental Health Matters 

Your mental health matters. Did you know this year marks the 50th Anniversary of Indian Rivers Behavioral Health (IRBH)? Since 1969, IRBH continues to proudly serve the communities of Bibb, Pickens, and Tuscaloosa Counties. Our main office is in downtown Tuscaloosa, with satellite offices in Carrollton (Pickens) and Brent (Bibb). IRBH hosts a variety of programs, such as Children’s Services, Mental Illness (MI), Developmental Disabilities (DD), and Substance Abuse (SA). Our treatment options include, but are not limited to, initial assessments, basic living skills, therapy services, psychiatric consultation, medication monitoring, intensive in-home services, crisis stabilization, day treatment, supportive employment (DD), residential services (MI & DD), patient assistance programs for medications, and substance abuse assessment, treatment, and referrals. Additionally, we offer an after-hours crisis line for emergencies. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most commercial insurances.

In addition to the services listed above, IRBH offers Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid courses to law enforcement, teachers, professionals, and community members. Our staff collaborate with various public and private agencies to provide the best possible care to those we serve. Indian Rivers cares about your mental health and wellness.

IRBH is constantly assessing how we can increase access to treatment in our community. In 2018, IRBH provided over 150,000 services to approximately 5,900 people in our community. We want to help you manage your symptoms and work towards recovery. If you think you or a loved one may benefit from services, please contact us at 205-391-3131 or visit our website at

May is Mental Health Month

Were you aware approximately 1 in 5 adults and nearly 1 in 7 children experience symptoms of mental illness? It would be impossible to create a full list of symptoms; however, some may include feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation from others, withdraw from social and family situations, hopelessness, or unexplained changes in behavior. One of the key factors in determining if you may benefit from services is evaluating if your current symptoms are impacting your ability to live, laugh, and love.  By “live,” I mean carrying out your daily activities such as taking care of yourself, going to work or school, caring for your children, etc. “Laugh” is meant to determine if you engage in activities you enjoy, including your hobbies and being around positive people. “Love” surrounds your ability to have and maintain healthy relationships.

Often individuals attempt to self-manage symptoms or simply go without available treatments. There are a variety of reasons people may not seek assistance. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the potential impact mental health symptoms may have in our daily life, including in the community, schools, and relationships. To combat the stigma related to treatment and promote recovery in the community, IRBH and many national agencies celebrate May as Mental Health Month.

For additional information visit our website at or the National Alliance on Mental Illness at

By Laura Reeves, LICSW PIP//Children’s Services Manager

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