A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, dear children! This little volume comes to you as a holiday gift, and in its pages we have endeavored to show you that true and lasting happiness can be found only in doing good to others. Let the lesson sink deep into your hearts. Even the least among you can do much good. Look around you. Do not wait for some great opportunity to offer, but with willing hearts and busy hands you can perform the most caring acts of kindness and usefulness to others. Continue to do this throughout the year, and we will promise you that when another New Year dawns upon the earth, you will look back with rejoicing, giving thanks to your Heavenly Father that you have found true happiness which can never be taken from you.

Children’s Christmas Stories is about lessons of giving thanks, showing compassion, and being kind to others with a caring heart. Children’s Christmas Stories is a heartfelt book of thirteen wonderful stories for all ages.  We are so happy to now have this wonderful collection Available on Kindle. Hope you will check it out and read it to your children and grandchildren. Merry Christmas to Everyone and thank you for your love and continued support. Blessing to all!



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