For this review, I tasted the 2013 Heritage Reserve Pinot Noir from DeLoach.

In appearance, DeLoach Pinot Noir is light garnet in color. Light is able to shine through the liquid fairly well, leaving cherry reflections below the glass.
The wine was very leggy with many multi-sized and fast moving tears dripping down the sides of the glass.

The wine’s aroma is subtle and non-complex. However, its simplicity is enjoyable, with notes of cherry as the primary aroma. There’s also a hint of candy in there as well, but that took some time to develop.
You have to dig deep to really pull out much alcohol. There’s not much “sting in the nose” with this wine.
DeLoach Pinot Noir alcohol content 13.5% by volume, per the bottle.

Much like the aroma, the wine’s taste was subtle and delicate. Also non-complex but again enjoyably simple.
The first taste I noticed was a warm hint of cranberry that softened up quickly. As that softening occurred, a more cherry-like flavor emerged. Not black or maraschino cherry, but just a straightforward cherry note. Perhaps Bing? To be clear it was subtle.
The bottle label suggested I might notice some spice. However, I did not notice that in the wine’s flavor.
I did notice that some of the flavor washed out a bit as the wine had a chance to breathe. What was mostly left were the cranberry notes.

The wine’s tannins were present but soft. I noticed them only on the tongue and really had to wait for the finish to kick in before they were noticeable.
Not surprisingly, the wine’s mouthfeel was also light. Almost like apple juice in texture, but obviously not in flavor.

Finish of DeLoach Pinot Noir was short to medium. As mentioned above, that was when the tannins made their presence known.

Overall, I really enjoyed DeLoach Pinot Noir. What I liked most about it was its understatement at all levels of the wine tasting experience.
That resulted in a very nice balance between the taste, texture and finish of the wine. It was also a bit of a nice surprise to note a cranberry flavor in a Pinot Noir. Nine times out of ten with a Pinot Noir you’re going to notice cherry, primarily. So this was a pleasant change of pace and it wasn’t overdone. Kudos to the winemaker!
Do watch out for the slight flavor washout over time as you’re drinking an individual glass. It’s a great excuse to keep pouring a fresh one!

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