Destihl Brewery //Wild Sour Series Blueberry Gose

The weather outside definitely determines my choice in beer. If it’s cold, I’m going dark. If it’s hot, I’m going for something light. Luckily, my choices don’t have to be confined to just light and dark. Recently I was in my local bottle shop and was browsing for something sour when I stumbled upon something I had always seen from afar, but had never been able to get my hands on. The Wild Series from Destihl Brewery is a collection of soured beers that have a wide range of styles and flavors. The one that I was able to pick up is the Blueberry Gose and the reviews I found online led me to believe that this was one of the better offerings in the series to date. I took it home, cracked one open (with the boys) and was pleasantly surprised with what I had in front of me. Here are my thoughts:

Immediately, you notice the absolutely horrid can art. I know that design has nothing to do with the taste of the beer, but the design is just awful. ANYWAYS, onto more important things, which would be the beer itself. I poured the beer from the can into a tulip glass to release the bouquet of aromas or whatever. Really, the first thing you notice is that the head dissipates very quickly and leaves no head retention at all. In fact, the beer just looks flat and that was a minor issue for me because it forced the beer to lack in aroma overall. What I could pick up on was a hint of sourness that came through quite nicely paired with a faint blueberry aroma that was also very subtle. The beer is a purple-ish gold with not much light to be seen through the glass and looks kind of thin.

The taste on this beer was such a redeeming quality that it made up for the lack of head and very unappealing color. At first, you get a nice blueberry taste almost tastes like blueberry syrup that’s followed by a nice, light sour note and ends with a very faint salt character on the back of your tongue and on your lips. This is the kind of Gose style beer that I really enjoy, because I don’t want it to be over salty to the point that it begins to cover up other flavors and makes some of the better qualities. This level of salt really just rounds out the back end of the beer and dries it out ever so slightly that makes it a really drinkable beer with such a unique taste and profile. One thing that I do wish was a bit different is that I wish the sourness had been a bit more intense. I do like the enamel peelers and this one was far from that style. I like beers with the sourness of a Warhead candy, but this one was more along the lines of a Warhead with only half of the sour left on it. Kind of disappoint, but at the same time it made it much more sessionable.

The beer had a light to medium body and a moderate carbonation level. Like I stated earlier, I wish the head had stayed around a little longer than it actually did, because I would have been able to enjoy the aroma and nose a bit longer, but you play with the cards you’re dealt. After each sip, the sourness kind of stuck to the sides of your tongue, which was quite nice, but like I said, I wish it had been a bit sourer, but that’s just my take.

Overall, this beer was pretty good and I definitely do not regret buying it. This would be a great beach or lake beer on a really hot day due to the low ABV and the light touch of salt and sour. I am very interested in trying some of the other offerings in the Wild Series line just to see how they stack up against this one. One thing to note is that they are only sold in four packs and are priced moderately high for what they are. All in all, if you can find it, I suggest drinking it while the weather is warm and making it an addition the outdoors. Cheers!


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