Judge’s Review: 87 Rating Jucifer by Gnarly Barley Brewing Co.

Specialty IPA | Year-Round

Louisiana | United States

Judges Rating:



20 / 24


6 / 6


34 / 40


10 / 10

Overall Impression:

17 / 20

Jucifer by Gnarley Barley Brewing Co. is a New England IPA and is being evaluated as an American IPA (category 21A in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines). American IPAs are hop-forward beers typically expressing American or new world hop characters. New England IPA is a relatively new style of American IPA (and is not yet a BJCP category) that typically showcases hops with tropical fruit flavors, a very cloudy appearance, and restrained bitterness. Jucifer is hopped with Cascade, Citra and Mosaic hop varieties.

This beer pours light golden, very hazy with a small clingy white head. The aroma is prominently hops with aromas of tropical fruit, tangerines with lighter aromas of onion and dank.  Abundant hop flavors continue into the flavor with tangerine, apricot, and tropical fruits with a lighter onion character.  No malt comes through the flavor and the bitterness is restrained.  Tangerine and tropical fruits linger long in an abundant hop finish. This is a very good New England IPA but the onion and dank hop flavors detract.


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