As an internationally recognized band, Trevor and Matt are far from arrogant and vain. Over the course of a twenty minute phone interview, the guys sat down to discuss what it’s like being on the road, their newly released album, and their favorite place to eat while in London — Nando’s.

“We’ve been here for three days now and have probably eaten there almost every meal,” Trevor Wentworth, lead vocalist said, laughing as he went into detail to explain exactly what Nando’s was.

It is often rare for a band not to lose track of their original plan and self, especially when the band’s lead vocalist, Trevor Wentworth, was only 14 years old when they embarked on their first states tour. Yet, the guys of Our Last Night have managed to remain humble and focused — something their fans value dearly.

Touring now through Europe and Asia, Our Last Night has remained one of the most fan favorite post-hardcore, screamo bands in today’s music scene. With Billboard Chart album hit “The Ghost Among Us,” headliners at Warped Tour 2015, and a newly released album titled “Younger Dreams,” Our Last Night has no plans to stop any time soon.

You can’t truly appreciate the clean sound, vocals, and artistry behind Our Last Night without first taking a glimpse at the band’s beginning.

Originally from Hollis, New Hampshire, come four best friends — Trevor and Matt Wentworth, Alex “Woody” Woodrow, and Timothy Molloy — whose love and passion for music drove them to start the band many consider to be the hometown heroes of New Hampshire’s post-hardcore scene.

“We were just four kids playing around with our instruments at first,” Trevor said. “It wasn’t until our school’s talent show where after playing, we started taking it more seriously as a band.”

Like many others before them, the guys encountered rough patches along the way, some even sparking up the question — should they give up? For many, the answer would have been yes but because of their committed fan base, the guys decided to continue. A decision that ultimately paid off.

In the summer of 2013, the band was determined to approach the music scene a little differently than anyone in their genre had done before. Along with the help of their management, the idea of posting cover songs on YouTube was born. Our Last Night’s “A Summer of Covers” series was an instant hint, propelling the guys into the realm of internet fame their band had not been a part of before. After their spin on Top 40’s Radioactive by Imagine Dragons went viral, it peaked the interest of many throughout the world.

After eleven years in the industry, an extremely successful IndieGoGo campaign that exceeded the band’s original $15,000 goal with over $46,500 raised in one month’s span, OLN set out to record a dual EP that featured both their loud, high energy style songs, as well as acoustic.

“We try to release as much content as possible,” Trevor added.”Online media presence is really important these days. It helps you stay connected with your fans and reach out to others too.”

The guys are also remarkably communicative with the band’s fan base through their respective social media accounts. Recently, Trevor started a v-log

that gives fans an even more in-depth look at the lead vocalist’s everyday life.

On the road now, touring their most recent album titled “Younger Dreams” both Trevor and Matt reflect on the lyrics behind each song. When asked which track tells fans the most about the band and their inner thoughts and struggles, both agreed on the record’s title track “Younger Dreams.”

“It’s just like when you’re young and starting out, you’re playing for fun,” Matt Wentworth, guitarist and vocalist, said. “As you get older, responsibilities start settling in, you have bills to pay, things to do, and it ultimately becomes your way of life.”

As Our Last Night prepares to embark on yet another U.S tour, the guys reflect on their life’s journey and adventures while looking ahead at their individual and band’s future.

“Where we’ll be [in 5 years] is a good question, If you had asked us five years ago where we’d be today, I don’t think we would have even come close so, it’s hard to say,” Matt said. “What we do know is that we’ll always be playing music for sure.”

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