I usually enjoy winter, but after the one we’ve had this year, I can’t wait for some warmer temperatures. Then again, I say that now, but probably two weeks into summer, I’ll be asking for highs in the 40s to be back. Either way, we all know that cold weather calls for a cold weather beer. My preferred style is a nice, heavy milk stout. I want something that’s going to warm my body and fill my stomach. A problem with a lot of “full-bodied” stouts that I find all too common is that they don’t really deliver on that promise. They all seem pretty weak after trying to pack in as much creaminess and chocolate as they can, but, hey, some people like that, I guess. Aside from all of that, there is a brewery that has recently entered into the Alabama market with draught and more recently started distributing packaging, and they just so happen to have a beer that sooths my winter weather woes. Duck Rabbit Brewery from Farmville, NC prides itself on being the dark beer specialist in hopes that it separates them from other breweries. Well, that hard work is paying off; because the Duck Rabbit Milk Stout was undoubtedly one of the better beers I’ve had this season. Here are my thoughts on this oddly named and well-executed milk stout.
I received this beer in a 12 oz bottle, which I poured into a pint glass and presented a pitch black color, with a small amount of caramel-colored head that dissolved pretty quickly, but left some pretty thick lacing on the glass. Once poured, a really nice bouquet of roasted malt and chocolate hit my nose and paired with some coffee notes on the back end. I’ll be honest; this one had me slightly worried, because I had yet to hear anything about it. I usually hear some things online and some other people I know talking about new stuff and I’m always getting suggestions on what to try, but no one had mentioned anything about this beer, and I’m not sure why. I was pretty much in for the long haul after only smelling the beer.
Upon taking the first sip, you get a lot of great roasted malt up front that really sets the tone for how this one is going down. As you progress through, you get some mild bitterness from the dark chocolate, but that is quickly changed into a really great caramel sweetness and vanilla. Some slight notes of coffee round out the palate and really tie everything together. It’s that signature coffee flavor that I find a lot of dark beers try to harp on and end up making it focal point when there are so many other things you could do to a dark beer to make it amazing. All that aside, everything is very well represented and in nice volumes. Not one thing is too overpowering and I really appreciate that. I wish I understood why more people aren’t talking about this beer, because it’s really everything you could want in a stout style brew.
Mouthfeel in one word is amazing; this is how a stout should be. This is seriously one of the creamiest stouts I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying and I can guarantee, on this fact alone, that it won’t be my last. There is the perfect amount of carbonation and with 5.7% ABV, you taste zero alcohol on the palate, but you still get that heaviness in your stomach. This is really what stout dreams are made of.
This is something that you only come across very rarely. Everything in this beer was exactly where it should be and executed with precision. I stand behind Duck Rabbits claim of being the dark beer specialist, because they really do know what they’re doing. Was the best stout I’ve ever drunk? No. Was this something that people rave about? No. Is this a beer that should be talked about more? Absolutely. It’s just a good beer that needs to get more recognition. It’s not taking the place of any of my favorites, but I always have room for more. I’ll be suggesting this one to my friends in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, because this is one that you really just need to try. If you’re still on the fence about this style, swing by Loosa Brews in Tuscaloosa or Hop City in Birmingham and snag a six-pack of this. It’s good beer that’s done really well, and that’s all you can really say about it. Hope you enjoy!

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