For eight years, Erica Grant has owned and operated Charming Kreations, a small manifestation of her fifteen years in the hair business. But for the past 6 years, she has also served as founder of the Headbangers Hair Show, an annual fashion show dedicated to the art of all things hair. As an entrepreneur, she embraced the idea of displaying her craft for the public eye. But In her opinion, the show’s purpose goes beyond that.
” I visualize it as bringing the community out to see all the talent. I do competitions, but all are winners that take the time to be a part of it [the hair show], Grant said. “…Different stylists that come together, the different looks. Very creative and great advertising to showcase talent.”
But it did not happen overnight. Only a year younger than the salon’s senior, Headbangers has grown significantly since its beginning in 2007. Though the first show brought in a staggering 500 attendees, in later years the numbers would only increase.
Throughout the show, seven local competitors will take to the stage , each showcasing their own individual talents in the art of hair. While it may be a hair show, other factors such as clothing and accessories are also considered during the judging process. This year, Grant decided to add a make up category to highlight an element always in the show but never showcased.
For years, Tiffany Flowers, or Cindy Leway, as many clients know her, has been doing make up behind the scenes. But now she is excited to finally step out of the shadows and begin marketing herself on stage. Flowers said that even before this category was added, make up was still a crucial element to the show.
“This is the first year make up has been showcased in the show, but we cannot have hair without some extravagant make up. It is super showing,” Flowers said before listing the different acts she has witnessed in the past. “Blow dryers on people’s hair, scissors on people’s hair made of hair. Someone set the stage on fire as part of their set on stage so you have to have some great make up to go along with it.”
Grant believes that her talent is product of a lifetime of following her passion. She does not go without crediting her success to her friends, family, clientele and her heavenly father. As a devout Christian, she believes in the necessity of hard work, but also the grace of God that provides her with success. The hair show in her opinion is just another blessing.
Grant sees a culture in hair. It is one of things that she believes factors into everyone’s lives. Whether we are losing it, growing it, or getting a piece of it added to the head, it requires human interaction to get the job done. And these connections create bonds that furthermore generate friendships, loyalty, and overall strong relationships. She looks to her friends Q’ Toney and Flowers as examples.
” When you have support like that, you are unstoppable,” Grant said.
She hopes that the show will not only advertise, but be a beacon to those that aspire to enter the industry but also to educate them.

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