When someone thinks about watching a show about zombies, shows like “The Walking Dead” come to mind; bloody, flesh eating zombies. Would one, however, think about a show involving lucid, complex zombies with love stories and backgrounds? Didn’t think so.
“In the Flesh”, created by Dominic Mitchell, is a show airing on BBC Three about a race of zombies called PDS sufferers, or Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers. For reasons unknown, people are coming back from the dead. While they start rabid, scientists have learned how to medicate the zombies and turn them into mostly-functioning beings. The medication replaces the cells in the brain that are lost, hence the zombies regain their functions of speech, thought and movement.
“In The Flesh” follows Keiren Walker, one of the PDS sufferers who is being integrated back into his hometown of Roarton. Unfortunately, not everyone takes a liking to Keiren or his kind in Roarton. The HVF, or Human Volunteer Force, came about when zombies first rose and were killing people, and though most of the chapters have long since disbanded, the first chapter, the Roarton chapter, has stayed strong. Keiren and his friend Amy go through trials and segregation as PDS sufferers, but Keiren is as strong as he is soft spoken, and he survives.
Not only is this show funny, it also touches on so many complex issues that make it appeal to anyone, even intellectuals who want something more than a stereotypical zombie show. Some of the main characters had terminal illnesses, depression, and other mental illnesses. “In the Flesh” also has something most shows don’t—canon queer characters whose plot lines don’t revolve around them being queer. It is refreshing to find such an in depth and complex show that also handles some of the serious topics with humor.
This BAFTA award-winning show may have won a few awards, but the biggest thing it has to claim is the fan base. With fan-made art, writing, and merchandise, people who watch “In the Flesh” advocate for the series to continue. As of now, there has not been any word of a season three. If the fans have anything to say about it, series three will happen. There are even certain days of the month where fans use special hashtags to promote the series. With this much exposure and such an active fan base, one can see how this show has touched many people.
The actors of the show are not that well known, but if the popularity of “In the Flesh” is any indication, they will be. Luke Newberry, who plays the protagonist Keiren, has also played in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two,” Anna Karenina, and BBC’s “Sherlock.” Emily Bevan, who plays Keiren’s best friend and fellow PDS sufferer Amy Dyer, is best known for her role in “St. Trinian’s,” a campy English film about mischievous schoolgirls. Emmett Scanlan, who plays Simon Monroe, is currently starring in the new movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” set to release later this year. Other actors include Harriet Cains as Jemima Walker, Keiren’s sister, Stephen Thompson, David Walmsley, and Wunmi Mosaku.
All episodes are available for streaming on BBC Three’s website and Youtube. If you want to see more, visit www.bbc.co.uk and search for “In The Flesh.”

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