Kentuck Celebrates Work of  Year-Round Studio Artists

At the end of the year, we often find ourselves looking back at the last twelve months. It is a fond time of reflection on the year’s memories, one’s achievements and one’s growth. For eight local artists, this reflection comes in the form of Kentuck Art Center’s annual Studio Artist Exhibition. The work of Kentuck’s year-round studio artists is showcased in Kentuck’s downtown Northport exhibition galleries for the public to enjoy from December 27 to January 15. Their work spans a wide range of artistic mediums including paintings, hand-loomed weaving, metalwork, pottery and more. The artists are able to compile their work from the past year, reflect on their growth as a person and as an artist, and show the community their talent and hard work.

Kentuck offers the invaluable resource of studio space that is rented to artists at an under market value, said Executive Director Amy Echols. “Really, what is important about this is that you really can see that a place like Kentuck who actually offers space for an artist to actually make a living at what he’s doing or what she’s doing, the improvement that these artists make from year to year is remarkable.” The studio space gives artists not only a place to work but a place for them to sell their work as well. Kentuck Art Center is open to the public for visitors to shop and experience what the local art scene has to offer.

Kentuck focuses on connecting artists to the community, and the artists whose work is displayed in the exhibition have been able to make connections throughout the year with art-lovers all across the area. The annual studio artist exhibition serves to celebrate the work and achievements of these artists and strives to give the community a space to gain an appreciation for art and the thriving environment of Kentuck Art Center.

“I think it’s really important that we showcase this,” said Echols, “and help our community better understand that there are great benefits to supporting the arts.” Kentuck’s efforts are made possible by donors, members, and volunteers. The involvement of the community in the arts is incredibly influential in the success of these artists and the success of Kentuck’s various projects throughout the year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the arts industry accounts for 4.2 percent of the nation’s GDP. In Alabama, the arts created 47,458 jobs last year. Thus, the arts are more important to the community’s well being than one might think.

Kentuck was able to give eight of those jobs to local artists in its studio spaces. The artists are chosen through a juried process that includes submitting samples of their work, their resume, and other information to be reviewed by a committee. Then, once chosen, the artists are able to work in these studio spaces around other artists, fostering a community of collaboration and creativity.

“Just having that community of other artists to work around, and live around, and exchange ideas, is really so nurturing to an artist when they’re working in that creative environment,” said Echols. Kentuck promotes the creative work of these artists and others by offering many other events and exhibitions throughout the year. Local artists, regional artists, folk artists and many more can be seen in the various exhibitions at Kentuck Art Center. More information can be found on their website,

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