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Martini and Rossi Rose

Martini and Rossi Rose is an extra-dry sparkling wine from Italy.  It has aromas of flowers and green apple.  Its flavor is crisp and clean with notes of apple and red fruits.  In the glass, Martini and Rossi Rose is quite rosy in color.  Overall, a gorgeous sparkling wine made from expertly sourced Chardonnay, Riesling Italico, Nebbiolo and Glera grapes. Perfect for an elegant affair.

Martini and Rossi RoseFrom the bottle:

Martini & Rossi Rose is made using only a selected blend of wines from northern Italy…  Martini & Rossi Rose is the ideal partner for your aperitivo moment as well as for enhancing your meal with friends.

Non-vintage sample of Martini and Rossi Rose received for review purposes.


In the glass, this wine pours quite pink.  I’d say it’s darker than many rose wines you might find.

And of course, there was plenty of bubbles!


This wine’s aroma is plenty subtle. I had to get up real close, but once I did I noted soft hints of green apple and florals.

There was absolutely no burn of alcohol in the nose.

Martini and Rossi Rose alcohol content 11.5% by volume, per the bottle.


My first reaction was “nice!”

Flavors are also subtle and mirrored the aroma.  Noticeable were refreshing and crisp tastes of green apple along with just the slightest hint of red fruits.

I also noticed that a little sweetness emerged over time as the bubbles dissipated.  A fresh pour brought back the crispness to the flavor.


This sparkling wine is quite dry, as advertised. However, the flavors do linger on your palate for some time.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I really enjoyed this sparkling Rose.

Martini & Rossi Rose is well-balanced and, frankly, different then your typical holiday sparkling wine.

Martini & Rossi Rose is well-balanced and, frankly, different then your typical holiday sparkling wine.

I think my favorite part of this wine was the way it looked.  That’s not a usual point of interest for me in an overall opinion.

However, I could well imagine flutes of this wine being carried around by everyone at a sparkly holiday party.  Visually, it comes across as elegant and classy.

Martini and Rossi Rose price

$12.99 SRP.

Suggested Food Pairing

Martini and Rossi suggests pairing this sparkling Rose with seafood and Mediterranean flavors.

I think that’s a great combination but I’d also suggest pairing this sparkler with chocolate covered cherries.

A perfect dessert!


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