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Meiomi // Rosé

Meiomi Rose comes from Acampo, California, USA and the 2016 vintage is the first time Meiomi has ever released a Rose.

Meiomi Rose Review

From the bottle:

Inspired by coastal maritime influences, Meiomi Rose bursts with vibrant, floral aromas and mouthwatering fruit flavors of strawberry, cranberry and watermelon.

Sample received for review purposes and I was so pleased to be considered to taste an inaugural release from such a well known wine brand!

For more, check out the Meiomi website. I’ve reviewed other Meiomi wines as well, including Meiomi Chardonnay and Meiomi Pinot Noir (one of my most talked about reviews) if you want to check those out.


In appearance, Meiomi Rose is pale salmon in color and very translucent. Light shining through leaves a lovely pale pink glow on the table. It’s quite a leggy wine and it coats up the glass nicely when tipped.  Legs appear in various sizes and forms and are mostly slow to fall.


I normally don’t expect a Rose to have much of an aroma, but this wine’s aroma is noticeable from a foot away from the glass. It’s enjoyable, with notes of fresh watermelon and strawberry.  You might find the aroma similar to a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio. Meiomi Rose alcohol content 13.2% by volume, per the bottle.  There’s no sting of alcohol in the nose.


I tasted this wine slightly chilled.

On the palate, you get chamomile, cranberry and orange zest coupled with a good bit of minerality and acidity. For some reason, I was expecting sweetness however none was present, which suited me well. I found the taste enjoyable, uncomplicated and easily sippable.


The wine exhibited a lush mouthfeel with some very mild tannins on the sides of the tongue.


The finish was long lasting and pleasant. It started out with the orange zest flavors but then slowly gave way to just a bit of bitterness.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I enjoyed this off-dry Rose and I think Meiomi is off to a great start with this inaugural vintage.

Give this a try if you want to get on Meiomi’s “ground floor” of Rose.  And, enjoy it as a nice summer sipper.

Meiomi Rose price $19.99.

Suggested Food Pairing

Give this one a try with Food and Wine’s recommendation of rosemary flatbread with blue cheese.

Actually, I think anything cheesy would pair well with this wine as the acidity might balance out the richness of the cheese.  Go for a richer cheese versus a lighter cheese in this case.

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