The Great Peacock will perform at Druid City Brewing Company on Thursday, February 25 at 8 p.m.
Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, the band is by rock and roll legends like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. They describe the 11 songs featured on their debut album, Making Ghosts, as a “middle ground between rootsy, down-home Americana and super-sized arena pop/rock.”
“To us, it’s just pop music with organic acoustic instruments,” says Andrew Nelson, who shares lead vocals and guitar duties with co-founder Blount Floyd. “The album has some fiddle, some pedal steel and a whole lot of acoustic guitar, which sounds like the traditional setup for a country band. But this isn’t a country record. It’s not really a folk record, either. It’s a pop/record… with folk tendencies.”
Band members include Andrew Nelson, Blount Floyd, Nick Recio, and Ben Cunningham. The Great Peacock originally began as a southern rock duo with Nelson and Floyd and, after briefly splitting to pursue separate projects, they returned to expand on their original sound, creating a unique blend of genres that corresponded their band’s colorful image.
“We initially thought [The Great Peacock] was just a funny name for a band,” Nelson admits, “but through the evolution of everything we’ve done, we’ve always been big and colorful. That’s why Blount jumps around onstage. That’s why I wear a suit jacket embroidered with feathers, which is basically a poor man’s nudie suit. We’ve embraced the image of the big peacock feathers, and we want to entertain you. We look that way, we think that way, and we sound that way, too.”

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