Inside Druid City Brewing, Tusca-loosa’s original craft brewery, whose walls are painted bright yellow and decor includes original 90’s gaming systems, musical legend’s posters, and an assorted collection of LPs, stood Daniel Walker with drink in hand, surrounded by his closest friends.
As he waited for his bandmates to show up, he spoke a bit about his upbringing, cities he had traveled to, and just how much the Tuscaloosa music scene had changed over the years.
“There’s a lot more variety of sound and talent now,” Walker said. “I mean, it’s always changing and evolving. Mainly because it is a college town, so people are in and out, but the music scene has definitely grown here, for sure.”
With a soothing, big-brother type of personality, he made certain everyone around him was having a good time, feeling comfortable and at ease in their surroundings. It was then, one by one, Michael Ray, Sarah Ferguson, and Matt Younge arrived.
“Hey, I’m Sarah,” Ferguson said, approaching the table where her other bandmates were seated at.
Sporting an edgy, rocker vibe, wearing a graphic tee, black skinny jeans and a flannel tied around her waist, she was greeted with genuine smiles.
There is an undeniable charm and charisma between The Copper Dogs. Each with their individual personality and style, make up what is one of Tuscaloosa’s newest and most successful bands.
“We originally played as a three piece, Matt joined us I think in January and we’ve been playing together since. It hasn’t been that long, which is crazy.” Ferguson said.
The band’s beginning was informal at first, hanging out and building a friendship was the main priority.
“There more in tune we are with one another, the more developed our sound and songs become.” Ferguson said.
Daniel’s cordial and hospitable personality, Sarah’s compelling determination and passion, Matt’s quiet and shy persona, and Michael’s sense of humor, allows for those who surround them to get a glimpse into the bond and friendship they have with one another.
It has been a year of firsts for The Dogs, slowly building up a social media presence and following — giving the world access into what it is that makes them so special in the first place; free-spiritedness.
“Druid City Brewing trusted us,” Ferguson said. “We owe where we are today to them. We practice here, held our first gig here. They allowed us to come in and sorta yell into a microphone, and it’s very humbling.”
Now, as the band reflects on their accomplishments and looks ahead at the new year, The Dogs all simultaneously agree that music is the fire that drives them all.
“It’s all about playing,” Michael Ray said. “It’s the start of it all, where the passion is, you know?”
After a year of gigs, developing their platforms and fan base, The Dogs dedicated the entire month of December to songwriting with the hopes that in the new year they will be able to go on the road for a small tour throughout the southeast region of the states.
“That’s definitely the goal we’re aiming for,” Ferguson said. “It’d be cool to play throughout different cities and states.”
Catch The Copper Dogs at The Booth on January 21 at 10 p.m.

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