Tommasi Prosecco Tenuta Filodora is a non-vintage sparkling wine that comes from San Pietro in Cariano, Italy, per the bottle label.

The Tommasi estate was founded in 1902 by Giacomo Tommasi in Pedemonte.

Made from 100% Glera, this Prosecco is the “result of careful selection and vinification of grapes grown on one small estate.”

The vineyard where this wine comes from is located in the town of Miane and is only 37 acres in size.

Check out Tenuta Filodora Prosecco from Vintus Wines for more information about this sparkling wine.

Sample received for review purposes.

Tommasi Prosecco Review

From the tasting notes:

The prosecco is fermented for 10 days in stainless steel tanks, then re-fermented in large tanks to give a fragrant, light and persistent sparkling wine.


In the glass, this wine is pale white gold in color.

It is quite transparent and seems to take on the shade of the color closest to the nearest light source.

Very bubbly as expected!


At first, the wine’s aroma was minimal and hard to pick out.

But, after the bubbles settled for a few minutes, I was able to discern aromas of pear and under-ripe peach.

It was surprising how the aroma “sweetened up” after a few minutes and became quite enjoyable.

Not surprising was the lack of alcohol burn in the aroma, which I appreciated!

Tommasi Prosecco alcohol content 11.0% by volume, per the bottle.


The wine’s taste was not sweet.  What came through was what the tasting notes described as “lime blossom and lemon peel.”

Being a Brut, it also had the dryness you might expect.

What I really enjoyed was the lack of bitterness that I’ve experienced in other Brut wines.

All in all, the flavor was crisp, clean and light. Quite enjoyable!


The wine had a medium finish that lingered all over the palate.

And, it was carried by the aforementioned lime and lemon.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I found this sparkling wine to be enjoyable and refreshing.

A toast worthy companion to a New Year’s (or any other) celebration.

Tommasi Prosecco price $12.99, making it a nice “Under $20” pick for a sparkling wine.

Suggested Food Pairing

This one’s easy…  pair it with strawberries!

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