Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio is a white wine from the Veneto region of Italy. It is produced by Masi Agricola. Masi calls this wine the estate’s white “Supervenetian,” a wine of great personality. This review is of the 2012 vintage.
Masianco blends Pinot Grigio, cultivated in Friuli, with native Verduzzo, picked slightly over-ripe and mature.
After being picked, the Verduzzo goes through the appassimento (grape drying) process and is laid out to dry on bamboo racks for about three weeks. After the fermentation process it is blended with the Pinot Grigio.
Masi Agricola has been family owned and operated by the Boscaini family for over two hundred years. Today Masi is led by Sandro Boscaini and his son, Raffaele.
Alcohol content 13.0% by volume, per the bottle.
Suggested retail price for Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio is $14.99.
In the glass, Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio is light golden in color. As you would expect, the wine was not leggy at all and appears as a light bodied white wine.
On the nose, the Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio presents aromas of light honey and a hint of some sort of tropical fruit. Very pleasant and light aromas.
The wine’s flavor was crisp and light with tastes of very light honey and a bit of tangerine.
Mouthfeel was of silk and light tannins were felt in the back of the palate and inside upper lips.
Finish of the Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio was medium with only a slight bitterness noted on the back of the tongue. The finish is dry with a slightly tart end to it.
Overall, I really enjoyed this fresh tasting, light bodied white wine. It’s perfect for the summer months and would go great with light appetizers and a fish dish with a citrus sauce. Recommend!

For this review of Erath Pinot Noir 2010 from the Willamette Valley area in Oregon, we had two tasters. Myself, and a friend with previous experience working at a nearby winery. She brought a great perspective to the tasting. At times our opinions were the same and at other times they weren’t.
Per the Erath Pinot Noir website, when they craft their Pinot Noir they “combine time-honored practices and new technologies to capture the unique character, or terroir, of the vineyards.”
Alcohol content is 13.0% by volume.

Looking at Erath Pinot Noir In the glass, it’s immediately evident that this is a light Pinot Noir. The color appeared garnet to brownish/red and a slight brownish ring was noticed on the edge. Light easily shines through the Erath Pinot Noir. Legs are long and slow to fall. As my friend stated, “they go on forever.”
On the nose, we both agreed that the wine had a pronounced aroma of alcohol. However, our opinions diverged from there. She felt the aroma was also damp and woodsy with no fruit. I didn’t pick up on that, but did notice subtle notes of cherry or raspberry.
On the palate, Erath Pinot Noir is a smooth wine with tastes of vanilla and delicate fruits. Most definitely a light body wine and softer than other Pinot Noirs you may find.
Mouthfeel is cottony and a bit dry in texture. Mild tannins were noticed in the back of the throat, cheeks and both on and in front of the gums.
My friend and I differed on our opinions of the finish. I thought the finish was short to medium. She thought the finish was long and round. We both agreed the alcohol was less overpowering at the finish than it was on the nose. Additionally, it should be noted that we let the Erath Pinot Noir breath for a good 15-20 minutes before our tasting.
Overall, my friend thought this was an OK wine. My opinion was that I liked it a lot. Especially, the smoothness and softness. I would call this wine a great summer sipper and believe it stands best on its own. If paired with food, we both agreed it would not stand up to a spicy meal. However, it would go well with a light fish or pasta with a light cream or olive oil based sauce. This was an enjoyable wine to review. Give it a try!
Price of Erath Pinot Noir about $19.99.

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The post Erath Pinot Noir appeared first on Honest Wine Reviews.

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