In 2013, Spencer Spout had a plan. He would send his boyfriend Dustin to their local Home Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah to pick up some lights for a party. Once inside, Spout would surprise him with a group-choreographed dance routine to the song “Somebody Loves You”, ultimately leading in his proposal. Not only did the video become viral, but it had people asking “Who is the girl singing that song?”
(And, yes, Dustin said yes.)
Her name was Betty Who, and it would become a catalyst for her musical career. Who’s manager showed her the video over the next few days; the growing response was astronomical.
“It was pretty insane,” Who said. “The first time I saw it, I was crying, of course, and really overwhelmed and really excited. And ,I think more than anything, I felt lucky to be part of these people’s moment in their life. It was a beautiful moment.”
Who sang at their wedding and has since become good friends with the couple.
Since then, “Somebody Loves You” has been featured in a handful of ads, and earlier this year, the song was covered by actors Darren Criss and Chris Colfer on the last season of the musically-fueled “Glee.”
Two years later , Who’s career has skyrocketed. In 2014, she released her debut album “Take Me When You Go” and just recently wrapped up a tour with Australian pop-singer Kylie Minogue and the Australian leg of Katy Perry’s “Prism” tour.
Now the 23-year old is headlining her own tour “The Convertible Nights Tour”, a nod to one of her song lyrics, before taking a break from the music world to enjoy her guilty pleasure: Law and Order SVU marathons.
“I have been doing a lot touring,” Who said. “Pretty much nonstop for the past two years, so I am definitely looking forward to little bit of a break, but I am also grateful for all the time I had on the road. It’s fun to have such a great run and great experiences.”
Born Jessica Newham, Who was raised in Sydney, Australia before moving to the United States to study cello. Who said that once she turned 17 or 18, she decided to pursue her music instead. For Who, the transition from classical tunes to pop ballads wasn’t a difficult one.
“I had been playing songs and writing songs forever that were always kind of poppy so when around 17 or 18 leaving high school, I was talking about where I was going to apply for college and I had this moment saying” I am pretty much not applying anywhere for cello” and that is kind of when I started to take what I do seriously. And that was basically 5 years ago so it hasn’t been the long I guess.”
Her stage name “Betty Who” was originally the title of a song that she wrote in her adolescent years.
Since viral video, the singer-songwriter has gained a large following in the LBGT, performing at a majority of the pride events.
“I kind of never really did expect to have this big of an LBGT fan base, but it has been so wonderful because the entire community is so kind and wonderful and I am so lucky to have the best fans and I know no matter what orientation or gender identity or no matter who they are”
Who’s said her songwriting stems from past dating experiences.
“The songs are all influenced by real people. They all real emotions that I feel. Each song is definitely about a specific person,” Who said, chuckling.
“I spent a lot of time letting other people decide how I was going to feel and how I was going to be in a relationship. And, at some point, I realized that this is not how I want to do this anymore. These people make me feel bad about myself and I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore.”
Standing at a solid 6’1, it took the singer time to become comfortable in her skin.
“When I was 12 or 13 and all the boys were four-foot nothing and I was six feet [tall]. I was definably insecure. But as I got older, people started making me feel less bad about it. And I think the second I started owning, everyone else started really loving it In college, I remember all the people coming up to me like “ Oh my gosh, I love how tall you are” and “ you still wear heels” and “ you are still fabulous”
Who said that more that she took charge of her life and became more comfortable in her skin, the easier things became. It has become a metaphor for her life.
“The second I started being like ‘hey I don’t care what anyone else thinks’ and want to do what makes me happy and everyone else starts taking notice,” Who said.
With the Convertible Nights tour nearing a close, Who’s goals are simple: spending time with her parents in Michigan and getting a lot of well-needed rest. Because, in the end, the young musician is a family girl, who just wants to cuddle with her mum and watch movies her dad.
“That’s all I want,” Who said.

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